Sewer System Backups in San Diego

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Plumber sewage pipes

Got plumbing problems? Are they leading to a sewer backup?

Backups are some of the worst issues residential property owners have. They’re difficult to fix without professional help. In fact, most DIY efforts never address the core problems.

With ALMCO, you get a different treat. We’ll take care of plumbing problems that threaten the safety of your pipes. We can deal with debris and tree roots while repairing sewer and septic systems. We also work with many property layouts. In fact, we’ve perfected the science of fixing backups, and in record time!

We work 24/7. We can adapt to emergencies, arriving and fixing in a timely manner!

Are There Warning Signs of Sewer Backups?

There are several. They include:

  • 🔹 Backups from a shower, toilet, or sink drain (or) multiple drains
  • 🔹 Sewage smells from drains in your home (or) close to home
  • 🔹 Drain backups that involve a toilet
  • 🔹 Gurgling noises from toilets or drains
  • 🔹 Water pools close to basement floor drains

If you detect any of those, be sure to call us for an inspection.

How can I prevent a back up?

Regular maintenance is a starting point. This includes inspecting the tank and its pumps, in addition to plants surrounding it (for root problems). Constant maintenance is a service we offer. ALMCO arrives at your home fast to contain backup problems. We’ll diagnose then fix the main sewer issues. From there, we’ll offer the best long-term solutions.

Sewer backup plumbing services

Drain Cleaning and Rooter Work

This includes fixing pipes damaged by tree roots. We’ll punch through the roots to clear the blocked sewer, restoring its functionality. We’ll then assess the gravity of the tree root issue, while recommending long-term solutions.


A long-term fix for pipe cleaning. This technique uses pressurized water to clear obstacles. The jets can eliminate builds up of tree roots, grease, and debris.

Pipe Bursting

An excellent permanent fix. Pipe bursting uses hydraulic tools to break the sewer pipe while also installing a new pipe.

Pipe Lining

A solution for water leaks. The entire pipe is lined with a sleeve to seal any cracks. The line can be adjusted to certain sections of the pipe. This is a trenchless method, so it works around walls and other structures.

Routine Maintenance

We offer constant inspections and drain-cleaning sessions for our clients. Our routine inspections aim to clear grease and debris buildups in residential pipes. They also eliminate roots from unlined pipes before causing clogs.

Septic System Backup

Septic tank backups are rare. Regardless, they come with problems that threaten your home’s water supply. ALMCO plumbing can handle septic backups for you. We provide experienced plumbers that work with backups at all stages. With ALMCO, you can save replacement costs for a new system, while ensuring no problems around the clock!

Detecting a Septic System Back Up

Warning signs include the following:

  • 🔹 Sewage backup (with odor) in drains/toilets
  • 🔹 Slow running drains in multiple houses
  • 🔹 Wastewater seeping close to your septic tank
  • 🔹 Lush grass over the septic tank – especially in dry/hot weather
  • 🔹 Weed/algae growing near your house (caused by discharge of septic waste)
  • 🔹 Bad odors throughout your home

Leave a request for sewer backup

Almcoplumbing’s specialists understand what the problem can be caused by a break in sewer pipes. We value your time, so we respond quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. We have the necessary equipment to carry out a sewer backup services once and for all. Our sewer backup prices are among the most affordable in San Diego. Almcoplumbing works in such a way that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the result.

To prevent a back disaster, call us now:
Almco Plumbing, San Diego, California: (858) 209-7214
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    • We call the cost of sewer system backup only after estimating the amount of work. We do our best to be as honest and accurate as possible. You can count on our sewer system backup prices to be affordable and consistent with the quality of service.

    • It is very easy to book sewer system backup with us. You can go to the bottom of the page and fill out a short form. Or you can go to the Booking page and leave your details there. Choose a convenient day for you and be sure – we will arrive at the specified time.

    • The specialists from Almco have more than 10 years of experience in sewer system backup. Before the procedure, we carry out a thorough inspection in order to accurately assess the scope of work and select a method that will preserve the pipes. Our prices are fair, and our specialists work carefully. We are always polite and punctual.

    • Yes, if you live in San Diego. You can book sewer system backup if you live in Santa Fe, Allied Gardens, Point Loma, North Park, Mission Valley, Carmel Mountain, and other areas of San Diego. A complete list of places where we work can be found on the Areas Served page.

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