Sewer line repair & replacements in San Diego

sewer line repair replacement

Want to replace or repair your sewer line? If so, then keep reading.

A functional water line is key to comfortable living. So emergency issues need to be dealt with, and fast.

Ignoring sewer line problems lead to an escalating set of issues. They include bad odors and the need for a full pipe replacement.

Plus, as a home or office owner, dealing with those issues is frustrating. It requires a certain expertise, so it isn’t a DIY job.

But how do you deal with those issues? Keep reading to find out, because below, we’ll discuss the causes of water line damage and how to get them repaired!

Causes of water line damage

Foreign objects and debris in pipes

Sewer lines are built to deal with toilet paper and human waste only. Flushing difficult objects down a toilet (like wrappers and plastics) can lead to blockage. After all, they disintegrate properly as they move through a water line. So the blockages caused are difficult to fix by technicians. Grease and cooking oil are other pipe blockers for kitchen pipes. We recommend pouring those into containers, letting them cool, then disposing them into trash cans.


Most cast iron and steel pipes are galvanized for rust prevention. Regardless, they can still suffer from corrosion caused by magnesium and calcium build-ups, which are created by inner wear and tear. Left unchecked, corrosion leads to cracks and leaks that require a full replacement.

Tree roots

Another cause of water line damage. Tree roots follow nutritious water sources as they grow, especially if they carry waste. Pipes most susceptible to sewer damage are those made from clay. After a root comes into contact, it’ll usually wrap itself around a clay pipe, often leading to breakage.

Extreme temperatures

Extreme cold weather can lead to frozen pipes. Those pipes may rupture from internally frozen water. Extreme heat also damages pipes, leading to faster corrosion.

How to detect sewer damage

Draining problems

Some blockages happen from pipes leading directly to a shower or faucet. However, main sewage lines are harder to detect. Those are only detectable if multiple water faucets are blocked simultaneously. Toilets can also indicate sever blockages. Gurgling sounds from one are a sign to look out for.

Bad-smelling yards

Another sign of broken pipes. Sewers are normally buried six feet below ground, and in hotter climates, broken pipes show their stench fast. Sometimes, you may see a pool of water. That’ll indicate of a leak if the pipe is closer to the surface. In that case, the smell will be a clear telltale sign.

Mold on walls and floors

This is a sign to watch out for inside a home. If you detect that, call a plumber immediately.

How to replace and repair sewer lines?

If your water lines are broken, then you’ve got 2 options. The first is to perform a DIY job. You can dig a trench and do a tedious fixing job, which is usually a waste of time and money. The second is your best bet. You can repair a sewer without using a trench. That option is best administered by technicians. It all starts with a video cam entered into a sewer line. From there, the areas that require repair are detected. After that, one of two solutions are chosen:

  • 🔹 Pipe Bursting. If a sewer is excessively damaged, an invasive trenchless approach might be required. That’ll involve pushing a cone-shaped bit into your water line, replacing older pipes with a new one. This is an expensive and time-consuming option, though it doesn’t necessitate much excavation.
  • 🔹 Pipe Lining. The cheaper option. With minimal damage, technicians can insert an inflate tube into your pipe. It’ll then inflate to cover the area of damage, acting as replacement to the damaged line. That proxy hardens overtime, fully obstructing the leak.

Regardless of the option you choose, be sure to call a technician. They’ll fix your pipes with little collateral damage and effort!

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