Flood restoration in San Diego

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Got plumbing problems? All homeowners face those at some point. Plumbing problems range from dysfunctional water heaters to flood damage.

Water damage is a difficult experience. Excess water flowing into your home can cause a variety of problems. Those include electric hazards, infrastructure damage, and mold growth. But with our services, there’s nothing to worry about. You can fix all in a single call!

Contact us now – get fast water damage repair at San Diego, CA! We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year. We’ll happily deal with any emergency to your property!

Causes of water damage

Water damage occurs for a variety of reasons – including:

  • 🔹Broken heaters
  • 🔹Plumbing leaks
  • 🔹Appliance leaks
  • 🔹Severe weather
  • 🔹Burst hoses/ broken pipes
  • 🔹Clogged toilets
  • 🔹Leaking roofs
  • 🔹Moisture within walls
  • 🔹HVAC condensation
  • 🔹Clogged gutters
  • 🔹Leaking water heaters
  • 🔹Blocked drains
  • 🔹Sump pump problems
  • 🔹Washing machine line leaks
  • 🔹Foundation cracks
  • 🔹Structural damages

Water damage is possible in all parts of your home. However, some places are more vulnerable. Those include kitchens, walls, basements, and ceilings. If you’ve got flooding or water damage, be sure to contact a professional fast.

Restoration Process after water damage

Our service follows a streamlined approach to fixing your infrastructure. This involves:

  1. Damage assessment through an inspection
  2. Mitigation to prevent excess damage to your belongings and property. This reduces and prevents damage after floods or from leaking roofs.
  3. Finally, we’ll assist your recovery from water damage, restoring your property’s previous condition.

How to cope with the flooding consequences?

If you’re dealing with water damage, there are some measures you can take before an expert arrives. We recommend acting fast. A quick reaction time can save you hundreds of dollars in property damage.

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Those measures include:

  • 🔹Immediately calling for help. Waiting too long leads to bacteria growth around water-damaged areas.
  • 🔹Use blotting and mopping to remove water damage.
  • 🔹Remove wet floor coverings and areas rugs (don’t remove wall-to-wall carpets without professional help).
  • 🔹Move art objects, paintings, and photos to a safer location.

Avoid the following mistakes:

  • 🔹Avoid using regular vacuum cleaners for water damage.
  • 🔹Avoid removing tacked-down carpets without professional assistance.
  • 🔹Never enter water-damaged rooms until the electricity is switched off!
  • 🔹Avoid using electrical applicants on wet flooring and carpets.
  • 🔹Avoid disturbing visible mold.

Fixes aside – we can also restore your home

Those fixes include:

  • 🔹Appliance leaks and ruptures
  • 🔹Roof failures and leaks
  • 🔹Damaged water heaters
  • 🔹Rising water and flooded basements
  • 🔹Fire damage
  • 🔹Dehumidification and drying
  • 🔹Leaking and burst pipes
  • 🔹Contaminated sewage backups and water
  • 🔹Document and content drying
  • 🔹Upholstered and carpet furniture

Leave a request for flood and restoration services

We work with a rapid response time. We’ll fix walls, floors and expensive possessions to the best of our ability. In fact, our restoration services are available 24/7, because our goal isn’t just to fix your property. This means getting your property back into livable conditions and fast. Our technicians are certified, and come with decades of experience. We’ll work with you through every step, ensuring your infrastructure and furniture is back in full health!

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