Epoxy Pipe Lining

almco plumbing expert preparing pipes for epoxy lining

Sewer line repair with epoxy lining can be easy as long as you have a professional plumber with trenchless sewer repair experience in San Diego, CA. For this, you can trust Almco plumbing services. With 10+ years of experience, we can repair your water and sewer pipes without digging up your yard using spray pipe lining, a trenchless sewer repair method. This means your San Diego sewer line issues can be repaired within several days and often without noise and interfering with your water supply. We understand what is trenchless sewer repair and which method to use. So far, we can assist you in getting your sewer line system back and working smoothly.

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What is Spray Epoxy Lining?

Spray epoxy lining is a trenchless sewer line repair method of fixing deteriorated sewage pipes by inserting brand-new liners within the old ones. When the epoxy liner cures, it forms a new pipe inside the existing one. This effective trenchless sewer repair method is sometimes called CIPP relining or “Cured in Place Piping.” This trenchless technique for fixing sewage lines has been widely employed in Europe and North America for over three decades. Unlike traditional sewer repairs, trenchless sewer repair using epoxy lining does not include digging up your yard or breaking up your flooring.

Although Almco offers conventional sewer line repair as one of our plumbing services, we adopted the trenchless epoxy lining technique years ago as a cost-effective solution to assist San Diego homeowners. As a result, we are now the top choice San Diego plumbing service for sewer line repairs using spray epoxy lining.

When Do You Need To Use Spray Epoxy Pipe Lining?

If you are wondering when you need to use this trenchless lining option, look out for these signs of pipe damage:

Less water pressure, unpleasant scents, or strange noises.

These are signs of broken sewer lines, accumulation of organic matter, or clogs. In most cases, a plumber may use augers or pipe cleaning if the issue is not severe. However, an epoxy pipe lining may be recommended if the line is badly damaged or the above signs are likely to return.

Presence of leaks and limited waste flow in sewer lines.

Corrosion in the pipes can reduce the pressure flow in sewer lines. This, of course, can be fixed with epoxy pipe lining. Still, the plumber will weigh the pipe material, state, and other considerations before deciding whether to recommend coating the pipe or replacing the damaged portion of the sewer pipes.

Unusual soggy patches or green spots in the yard.

This patch can signify a broken or leaking sewage line, often caused by root infiltration, especially in cast iron sewage systems. However, using an epoxy lining to restore the sewage system without digging up your yard is most appropriate.

Often, no single sign can verify pipe damage conclusively. In most cases, a professional plumbing service may decide the damage is too extensive to permit epoxy pipe lining restoration. However, sewer line repair replacement may be necessary for older lines with extensive damage, but lining these pipes is a cost-effective alternative for most homes.

Epoxy Pipe Coating Procedure Step-by-Step

Applying an epoxy coating is not a DIY project. For this, you will need professional trenchless sewer repair services near you in San Diego, CA. However, the following steps give a summary of the pipe-lining process.

Step 1: Inspection

pipe camera inspection before epoxy lining

The first step is to do a CCTV sewer camera check of your pipe. And to do this effectively, you need a camera inspection plumber. The plumber can pinpoint the source of any functional issues and identify any damage to your sewer lines.

Step 2: Picote descaling and hydro jetting

picote descaling and hydro jetting

The second step is thoroughly cleaning the pipe with hydro-jetting. It’s an easy, risk-free method of unclogging sewer pipes and regaining their full size. It is good blockage prevention and a life-saving procedure for clearing clogged sewer pipes. Sometimes meandering sewers or even using a sprinkler isn’t enough to get your sewage flowing smoothly again. In this case, our ALMCO installers in San Diego may recommend Picote drain cleaning. Picote provides an effective tool to not only cut through blockages, but also to remove debris that may have accumulated on the sides of the pipe. If your pipes have accumulated grease and sludge over the years, a sewer descaler may be the best choice for your pipes. Drains require Picote drain cleaning and descaling. This pipe descaling tool is also suitable for:

  • 🔷 cutting down tree root;
  • 🔷 polishing the inside of the pipe in preparation for lining the pipe;
  • 🔷 grinding and removing offsets in pipes or the connections between them where dirt can get stuck and cause blockages;
  • 🔷 removing of mineral deposits in hard water or other crusted deposits in pipes.

Step 3: The Lining process

We may start the lining procedure. It involves replacing the old pipe with a new one lined with a unique epoxy-coated liner. Next, the liner’s internal bladder is expanded. As a result, the liner is formed to fit the inside of the pipe. Once the epoxy has been set, the bladder can be removed, and a new line may be installed within the existing one.

Step 4: Final Inspection

This is the final part of the process. In this case, the plumber has to do a thorough check on the pipe’s branch. This is to restore any branches covered up and ensure that everything operates as it should without hiccups or problems.

See video on how Almco Plumber experts perfoming trenchless sewer line repair

Pros and cons of epoxy pipe lining

pipe after epoxy lining - there are no leaking issues

As effective as pipe lining is, it also has its downsides. Listed below are the pros and cons of spray epoxy lining.

Pros of epoxy pipe lining

  • 🔷 It is a low-cost option for sewer repairs compared to the expense of digging up and replacing pipes. Besides, epoxy pipe lining can reduce a homeowner’s spending by as much as 40 percent.
  • 🔷 Using epoxy lining for pipes eliminates the need for digging trenches, making the process minimally intrusive.
  • 🔷 No unwanted byproducts are produced during the epoxy pipe lining process, making it environmentally safe.
  • 🔷 Epoxy pipe lining may be completed in as little as two to three days, unlike the traditional sewer repair methods that may take weeks.
  • 🔷 It is highly durable and may last up to 50 years, which is a long time in plumbing.

The cons of epoxy pipe lining

  • 🔷 The pipe must meet certain specifications for epoxy pipe lining to be effective; for example, the line must not be collapsed or back-pitched.
  • 🔷 The epoxy may need 24 hours to cure fully. But, of course, this is still considerably quicker than the traditional sewer repair option.
  • 🔷 The epoxy pipe lining process is only suitable for some types. For example, the hydro-jetting stage of this lining process is a standard method of cleaning pipes before they are lined; however, it can cause damage to more delicate pipes.
  • 🔷 Epoxy is irreversible. Making adjustments after a repair has been completed might take time and effort.

Cost Of Epoxy Pipe Lining In San Diego

How much it will cost to fix your sewage line often depends on its length, where the damage is, and how bad it is. However, trenchless sewer repair in San Diego, CA, including epoxy pipe lining, typically costs roughly $125 per linear foot. So far, all supplies, labor, and required authorizations and inspections are included in this estimate.For more estimates, you can contact the Almco plumbing team right now.

Call Almco To Book Spray Epoxy Lining.

If your sewer line needs a trenchless epoxy lining in San Diego, CA, call Almco plumbing service to book our unique spray epoxy lining service. We have experience with trenchless sewer line repair methods and how to fix drain with epoxy liner. Throughout the years, we’ve successfully handled various sewer lines repair in San Diego and the surrounding region. So far, trenchless sewage line repairs are nothing new for us. We value both the quality of our work and our customers’ trust in us. So be rest assured that you will be happy with the results. Do schedule an appointment with us now or call us at 858-209-72-14


  • Epoxy lining is a method of trenchless line repair. The plumber can fix leaks in your sewage pipes without digging using this method. It is possible to do in 1-3 days. This is a cost-effective solution for San Diego’s homeowners.

  • To replace a damaged section, the plumber cuts out the leaking part of the pipe. Once the pipe has been removed, the damaged area can then be repaired using an epoxy lining. This trenchless sewer repair method fixes a broken pipe without having to dig up the ground or break apart any floors. Instead, the epoxy lining is inserted into the pipe and cured so that a new pipe can be formed inside the original one. This eliminates all leaks.

  • The cost to repair leaking sewage pipes with epoxy lining may depend on their length, where the leak is located, and how badly the pipes are damaged. On average, it will almost certainly cost you about $125 per linear foot to repair your own sewers, if you are looking for services in San Diego. You can find out the precise price by contacting the Almco plumbing team today. In addition to estimating the actual repairs, we also provide you with an idea of what it would cost to replace your sewer pipes with new ones using the epoxy lining method.

  • The procedure is highly reliable. After epoxy lining pipes may last up to 50 years, which is a long time in plumbing. It is a safe and ecologically friendly method to fix leaks in sewer lines.

  • It is possible to if your pipes have a little damage. In our practice, there were cases when we completed work within 1 day. However, this largely depends on the epoxy that needs to be cured, which can take up to 24 hours. Therefore, we recommend that sewer repairs take from 1 to 3 days.

  • Booking a trenchless sewer repair is very simple. You can call us at 858-209-72-14 and arrange the arrival of a plumber on a specific day. You can also fill out the feedback form. We are ready to come for your emergency call and repair your sewage pipes as soon as possible.

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