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Got a leaking pipe? Does it need a repair job (or worse) a replacement?

If so, we’d be happy to help you. ALMCO Plumbing fixes leaks for clients in San Diego CA and nearby areas. We work on pipes of all forms. They can be toilets pipes, bathroom fixtures, or leaky faucets!

We also work regardless of location. We can deal with invisible leaks underground, under flooring, and inside walls!

At ALMCO Plumbing, we believe that leaking pipes should be fixed fast. So we recommend contacting us if you spot a problem!

How to Spot a Leak

There are two types of leaks, obvious and hidden.

We’ll talk about hidden leaks. As mentioned earlier, they happen inside your property’s structures (walls, ceiling, under flooring, and underground).

Deep moisture is a sign of a hidden leak. You might spot moist spots on walls, around a certain part of your floor, or as drops from your ceiling.

That water might be discolored, indicating a drainage leak. Even worse, you might see some high water bills from a leaking pipe.

So if you do suspect a leak, you can give us a call.

ALMCO Plumbing uses the latest diagnostic systems to detect hidden leaks, so we can immediately assess how serious the problem is!

More on Our Diagnostic Process

We can diagnose pipes regardless of location. We can even work through difficult obstructions, such as concrete setups.

ALMCO Plumbing use high-tech equipment to map your pipe’s status real-time. We receive visual feedback that lets us accurately diagnose the problem’s severity.

Part of our kit includes HD cameras that inspect your sewage system. It uses a malleable fiber-optic line that doesn’t requiring trenching. It’s simply dropped into the nearest access point, and a full inspection can commence from there.

This lets us quickly define the problem’s scope and how much it’ll cost – which saves you time and needless spending!

But Why Do Leaks Happen?

They occur due to:

  • Old and decaying pipes
  • Pipes frozen during winter
  • Damaged seals in plumbing installations
  • Continuous high water pressure

Our Repair Solutions Are Also as Convenient

ALMCO Plumbing doesn’t just offer trenchless diagnosing. We also offer trenchless fixes for pipe leaks and replacements!

This is done through a lining procedure. Our technicians can install new pipes without any digging or noise.

You’ll never worry about floor excavations, breaking down walls, or taking apart ceilings. You’ll never have to perform any collateral fixes either.

Speaking of replacements, we install pipes that are very durable. They come with a 50 year life expectancy, and can withstand common sewer issues.

After any repair or installation, our technicians will perform a final inspection to ensure everything’s working properly.

Contact Us Now

Don’t let a small leak turn into a catastrophe. And don’t let yourself lose money over minor pipe damages.

Contact us now. Our team responds fast. We provide quick and honest assessments, while recommending the best long-term solutions.

Call ALMCO Plumbing, and get your piping system assessed today!
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