How is going sewer main line repair process – watch the video from Almco Plumbing

Sewer main lines can fail without warning, causing sewer backup and flooding. If they break, water can damage your property and mold can cause serious health hazards. When you notice excessive water leaking from the ground or standing puddles, you should call a professional to fix the issue before damage occurs. Hiring a licensed plumber from Almco Plumbing to inspect your sewer main line can prevent costly damage. The expert will check for signs of problems such as cracks or breaks, and replace damaged parts with new ones that will function properly for the next 15-50 years. In this article, we will talk in detail about sewage line repair, and even show a video where Almco Plumbing specialists solve a similar problem. Read this article to the end to find out what happens if you call a good plumber to fix your main sewer.


Video of sewer main line repair with epoxy lining from Almco Plumbing

Watch our big work Sewer main line repair process step by step:

  • 🔷 Two-way cleanouts installation.
  • 🔷 Iron pipe cast de-escalation.
  • 🔷 Iron pipe cast re-lining with epoxy liner and putting artificial grass back.

If you want to see how we repaired the main sewer line in 1 day with epoxy lining, watch the video!

What is main sewer line?

Sewer systems typically consist of two parts – the sewer main and the lateral lines branching off from it. The sewage main line is the most important element in the plumbing system since your ability to use all the plumbing in the house depends on its serviceability. In particular, it connects the toilet, shower, sink, washing machine and other plumbing to the street sewer. Sewer pipes carry wastewater from buildings and homes to public sewage treatment facilities. If they aren’t working properly, flooding and backups might occur.

When any sewage line components become damaged, water enters the dwelling and damages its structure. Puddles appear in the house or in the yard, there is an unpleasant smell, which makes life in the house unbearable. The homeowner may face high costs to replace those components if he delays calling a plumber. For this reason, the leaking main sewer line requires immediate repair.

Main sewer line possible breakdowns

Pipes in the main sewer line may burst. This can happen due to:

  • 🔷 severe frosts, when the water in the pipes freezes and increases in volume;
  • 🔷 displacement of dry ground, which often occurs in very hot weather;
  • 🔷 tree roots that can damage the pipe;
  • 🔷 iron pipes, that are more prone to tearing than PEX;
  • 🔷 old pipes over 40 years, which worn out and therefore rupture frequently.

As a result of a pipe rupture in the main sewer line, you may encounter such unpleasant phenomena as:

  • 🔷 huge puddles in the yard of the house;
  • 🔷 low water pressure in the shower or sink;
  • 🔷 stagnation of water in the toilet during flushing;
  • 🔷 wet walls in the house;
  • 🔷 nasty smell of rotten eggs;
  • 🔷 the appearance of mold.

All these symptoms of a leaking sewer not only can damage property but also be harmful to health. Therefore, if the main sewer breaks, you should immediately call a plumber, and while waiting, ventilate the house and stay away from areas where mold has formed.

Ways to repair sewage main line

Repairing a sewer pipe can seem like an expensive undertaking. And this is true if you excavate in the yard in order to get to the pipe. Fortunately, homeowners have an alternative in the form of trenchless sewer repairs to the main sewer line. Its main advantages are that plumbers make local tunnels, their size usually does not exceed 4×4 feet. In this case, you do not need to spend money on restoring the yard, because after the work of the plumbers they will bury everything themselves and carefully lay the grass on top. So, you get new sewer pipes and a yard that looks like nothing happened here.

There are several ways to trenchless sewer repair:

  • 🔷 Structural pipe lining or Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP);
  • 🔷 Pipe bursting;
  • 🔷 Epoxy lining and brush coating;
  • 🔷 Slip lining.

You can learn more about each of them, and their pros and cons from our article: What is trenchless sewer repair and which method to choose?

Case: a main sewer line repair with epoxy lining in 1 day

Almco Plumbing experts can easily solve any problem with the sewer line. And we can prove it by showing you a real case of trenchless main sewage repair. There is a brief description of all steps.

Step 1. Detecting a problem

The point of the case is that a client from San Diego contacted Almco Plumbing with complaints about puddles of water in the yard, a high water bill and an unpleasant smell. We arrived at the call, examined the place and after sewer camera inspection came to the conclusion that there are cracks in the main sewer pipe. We offered the client a trenchless repair with epoxy lining, and she agreed. We chose this method because it takes only a day, it is minimally invasive, i.e. does not require digging the entire yard and it is relatively inexpensive.

Step 2.Digging a small tunnel for pipe access

Our specialists immediately set to work. We dug a small tunnel to gain access to the pipe. It turned out that the client had installed old iron pipes that had completely rusted over decades. Our plumbers found a big hole in the pipe. Moreover, this iron pipe crumbled at the slightest pressure. If the client called for a plumber 3 years later, then fixing the problem would have been more expensive, as it would have required a full-scale excavation.

Step 3. Sewer line hydro-jetting

In this case, we simply removed the corroded section of pipe and gained access to all the plumbing in the house. With the help of a sewer video camera inspection, we found not only cracks in these pipes but also blockages. Therefore, the first thing we did was clean the inner walls of the pipes from build-up and blockages with a Picot machine and descale it at 4000 psi. After the sewer hydro-jetting, there become more space inside the pipe, which allowed us to put in a new layer.

Step 4. Sewer line epoxy lining

We made a cast of the pipe with epoxy and waited for it to harden. We then carefully inserted the new layer into the old sewer. Thus we made a re-lining of the main sewage and closed all holes and cracks with epoxy lining.

Step 5. Final sewer camera inspection

At the last stage, we carefully buried the pipe, tamped down the ground and returned the artificial turf to its place. After our work, the yard looked the same as before our arrival. Finally, our plumbers carried out a final sewer inspection and showed the homeowner the result, which he was satisfied with.

To find more information on how we repaired the main sewage in a day watch video above or read our case, where we described a procedure step by step. You will be surprised at how is it easy to fix main sewer line if you are working with true experts.

Call for Almco Plumbing to repair sewer main line in San Diego

Almco Plumbing is a company that can you can trust to repair main sewer lines. We have more than 10 years of experience and an excellent reputation. We do all of the trenchless line repair methods, that can save you money. If you want to find a good plumber for sewer line repair there are some reasons to call Almco Plumbing:

  1. We offer high-quality plumbing services. Rest assured that we will choose the easiest and most reliable way to fix your plumbing.
  2. Your interests are our priority. We will offer you a solution that suits you in terms of quality and price.
  3. The price of our plumbing services is fixed. We tell the cost of the work after inspecting the breakdown and do not change the announced cost upon completion of the work.
  4. We respond quickly. We will arrive at the specified time. Our plumbers are ready to come to your emergency call and promptly assist you in fixing your plumbing.
  5. We work carefully. We are left with a clean place. You won’t have to worry about anything after us.

Therefore, if you need the sewer line replaced or repaired, feel free to get in touch with Almco Plumbing! We work in San Diego, including Southcrest, Carmel Valley, Kensington, Mid City, Miramar, San Carlos, Tierrasanta and other regions.

Published: 27.07.2022

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