Sewer Hydro-Jetting In San Diego

How much does hydro-jetting cost in San Diego? What are the benefits of sewer line hydro jetting? When do you need to call a plumber for hydro-jetting? We will discuss these in detail and provide you with an accurate estimate. Read on to learn more about hydro-jetting of sewer lines, including the benefits, the appropriate time to use this procedure, and the cost of using it in San Diego.

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If you have more than one blocked drain, water will flow back into other fixtures in your home. If this happens in your house’s plumbing system, the primary sewer line is probably clogged. For the most part, sewer line clogs are very unsanitary and disruptive to homeowners’ daily lives and must be fixed promptly.

Expert plumbers know that a clogged sewer line can become a recurrent issue if the obstruction is not removed, and the drain is not consistently cleaned and maintained. But how can you solve this issue at once? This is where sewer line hydro-jetting comes in.

Hydro-jet sewer cleaning is an impressive sight. Seeing all the filth, muck, tree roots, and grease being thoroughly washed out of the sewage pipes may be miraculous. Also, this procedure can be used to remove the stubborn clogs in the primary sewer line. In most cases, eliminating sewage backups using a hydro jet rather than a plumbing snake is the most successful method.

What is sewer line hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a method used in the cleaning of sewer lines, which involves the use of water under high pressure. This can dislodge even the most complicated blockages, and the sewer pipe walls may be cleared of any accumulated debris.

However, before doing a hydro-jetting, a professional plumber must inspect the sewer line. This is to ensure whether the hydro-jet is suitable for the sewer line. As soon as the inspection is over, high-pressure water is utilized to wash away any remaining particles. When the water pressure is high enough, it may force its way past the most stubborn obstructions. Other drain cleaning methods may clear obstacles too. However, they don’t have the same capacity to keep the sewage line in tip-top shape and prevent future issues.

Benefits of sewer line hydro-jetting

Thorough cleaning of the sewer pipes

Hydro-jetting is essentially a high-pressure water-washing method used to clean pipelines. In other words, the sewer line is being scrubbed. This will not only remove the obstruction but will also significantly reduce the likelihood of obstructions occurring in the future. The results from this method will remain far longer than those from a snaking job, and they may be applied to sewer pipelines of varying sizes and materials.

Low-Cost and Low-Risk to the Environment

You may have your sewer line cleaned by a hydro-jetting service for a low price. These high-pressure blasts do more than create a channel through the pipe; they dismantle and remove the blockage entirely. This ensures that the sewer lines will remain clean for a considerable time. In addition, it is the option that has the most negligible impact on the environment since it does not require the usage of dangerous chemicals.

Remove All Smells

The accumulation of organisms in your sewer system is likely the source of unpleasant smells. It’s not only unpleasant to smell, but it might be hazardous to your health if not dealt with. Hydro-jetting will eradicate the organisms, making it a practical and beneficial method for one’s health.


The ability of hydro-jetting to clear out obstructions hidden under the grass is a nice bonus. There’s no need to do costly and time-consuming excavation work above ground. Instead of causing damage to your pipes or yard, the high-pressure cleaning travels straight through the sewage system.


Among the methods a plumber may use to clear your pipes, hydro-jetting is by far the most efficient. They come in various sizes and strengths, making them helpful tools in different situations. They can clear out everything from the heaviest buildups of trash and roots to the hardest stones without causing any damage to your pipes.

When is it time to call a plumber to hydro-jet your sewer lines?

Wondering when you need to call a plumber to hydro-jet your sewer lines? Then watch out for these signs.

The sewer drains slowly

Clogged sewer lines most often cause waste to drain too slowly via pipes. A sluggishly moving drain might be caused by anything little, like a clog, or it could be a sign of a more severe problem, such as an obstruction farther down the main sewer line.

Too much of Clog gages

Knowing what not to flush down your toilet is the first defense against sewer line problems. Besides water, toilet tissue, and human waste, nothing else should be flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain. So far, a more profound and bigger obstruction within your plumbing system is likely to blame if you constantly deal with blockages that won’t clear with a plunger or snake.

Sewer Backing Up

There may be a clog in the main sewage line if water flows backward into the shower or bathtub when you flush your toilet. It is also possible that the problem is due to a blockage in a joint drain pipe linked to both the bathroom and toilet drain. If the blockage is in the main sewage line, you will have trouble with other drains in your house, which is why it is crucial to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Backflow of Sewage

Unluckily, the backup of raw sewage into your house is the most severe warning indicator. Untreated sewage is a potential disease vector because it harbors and spreads harmful bacteria, germs, and other toxins. A blockage in the sewer presents substantial dangers to one’s health and has the potential to cause severe damage to one’s property. You should immediately contact emergency plumbing services if you are experiencing a sewage backlog.

Step-by-step sewer line hydro-jetting process

Step 1: Ensure that the hydro jetting machine is appropriately connected to the water supply. If you are tapping into a public water supply, you will be required to hook up to a fire hydrant or another supplier of high-pressure water of a similar kind. You may use the machine in conjunction with a pressure washer by connecting the pressure washer’s line to the hydro jetter’s input.

Step 2: The next step is determining which nozzle will be most effective for the task. Nozzles may be stationary or able to spin, and both varieties are used for different purposes. Using the spinning nozzle on difficult clogs is best, while the standard nozzle is fine for regular cleaning.

Step 3: Fire up the hydro-jetter after you’ve decided on the proper nozzle. Before using the hydro jetter, ensure the water system is on, and afterward, gradually pull the trigger to release water through the hose.

Step 4: While working your way down the drain, begin rocking the hydro-jetting machine from side to side. If there are any obstructions or debris in the drain, the high-pressure water will assist in dislodging them.

Step 5: Maintain forward motion with the hydro-jetter until the water that flows from the other end is completely clear. This is the moment when you get to turn the machine off and unplug the hose.

Step 6: As the last step, pour some hot water into the drain to flush away any debris that may still be there. Repeating the hydro jetting procedure may be necessary if the obstruction persists.

How much does it cost to hydro-jet sewer lines in San Diego?

Hydro jetting is more expensive than snaking your sewage line, but the effects will stay long since it eliminates obstructions rather than punching a hole through them. But how much does hydro-jetting cost in San Diego?

The cost of hydro-jetting varies depending on what type of pipe you have. The typical cost to an American homeowner to clear a clog in a sewage pipe is between $100 and $900. In most cases, you should expect to pay between $350 and $600 to hydro jet a blocked sewage line.

The price differs for cast iron or abs (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) or clay pipes. Hydro-jets generally use 1/4 inch to 2 inches of water pressure, which costs from $150 to $400, respectively. Your average cost can range from $150-$500 per hour. It will consist of the hydro-jetting service fee plus equipment, supplies, and the sewer line camera inspection.

Call Almco Plumbing professionals for sewer line hydro-jetting

Are you searching for a San Diego hydro-jetting sewer line near me? Look no further than Almco Plumbing experts. We carry out both drain and sewer line hydro-jetting services. We always perform a video inspection before the procedure to set the correct pressure and maintain the durability of your pipes. Our experienced team can fix any blockage in the pipe. You can count on accurate and clean work from the experts at Almco Plumbing. There’s nothing more to wait for. Contact Almco Plumbing now, and book an inspection! Call (858) 293-4996 right now.

Published: 24.10.2022

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