Hydro-jetting cost at San Diego

hydro jet ALMCO Plumbing price costWhat is hydro-jetting and is it worth its money?

Hydro-jetting is a process of using water pressure to clean sewer and drains. The procedure unclogs slow or stopped up drain by forcing high water pressure through the piping system. It uses less than half as much water as traditional cleaning methods, but still leaves your pipes completely functional with no damage done to them.

The success of hydro-jetting largely depends on where the blockage is located in the line. If it is near an access point (e.g., a manhole), then plumber can clean the pipe and make sure the clog does not reoccur. Otherwise, the procedure can be used to clear clogs deeper inside the plumbing system

Hydro-jetting is the best when it comes to clear a stopped up sewer line. The procedure can save you from thousands of dollars in repairs when compared with sewer relining or digging up your whole sewer system. The prices are established by each company regardless of where you live in San Diego. The cost of hydro-jetting is determined by the length and diameter of pipe to be cleaned.

What is included in the hydro-jetting price?

Hydro-jetting price includes:

  • 🔹 service fee;
  • 🔹 equipment;
  • 🔹 supplies.

Price also includes video inspection of the sewer line with a camera.

The bigger the diameter of your plumbing system – the higher hydro-jetting price is going to be.

How is the hydro-jetting price formed?

The cost of hydro-jetting varies depending on what type of pipe you have. For example the price differs for polybutylene or clay pipes. In general, hydro-jets generally use 1/4 inch to 2 inches water pressure, which costs from $150 to $400 respectively. Your average cost can range from $150-$500 per hour. It will consist of the hydro-jetting service fee plus equipment, supplies and camera inspection of the sewer line.

Average cost of hydro-jetting in San Diego

Hydro-jetting price in San Diego will be set on a case by case basis depending on factors mentioned above. To get an exact price you need to invite our specialist. The exact price can only be called after a thorough inspection of the blockage by a plumber.

The average cost for hydro-jetting in San Diego is $150-$500 per hour with 2 hours minimum labor charge applied.

Book a hydro-jetting with Almco Plumbing

Hydro-jetting costs in San Diego may seem a bit steep, but this method is one of the most affordable and effective for sewer line clog clearing. If you want to get hydro jet prices just fill out a quick form on top of that page or call 18582097214. We will provide you with complete information on our hydro-jetting cost at San Diego within 24 hours. We have the best plumbing professionals who have more than 10 year experience in it.

Book a hydro-jetting plumbing service at an affordable price now!

Published: 19.01.2022

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