How To Get Rid Of Tree Roots In A Sewer Line?

vlad from almco plumbing performs hyfro jetting to clean the sewer pipes

Are you concerned about the potential damage the trees around your property might cause to the underground pipes? Or do you observe your toilet backing up? Well, do not worry. San Diego homeowners often face difficulties due to the presence of tree roots. They may cause a lot of trouble and a lot of money in repairs if they find their way into your sewer line and start growing in there. Therefore, it is essential to prepare in advance to avoid an issue. Thankfully, there are methods that you can use to get rid of tree roots in a sewer line before they spiral entirely out of control. Read on to find out in this article.

How Do Tree Roots Enter The Sewer Lines?

Your yard has a better appearance from the street thanks to the trees you’ve planted there, and they also contribute to cleaner air and more shade. On the other hand, trees have extensive root systems. These roots will go for the closest water source whenever they need it, such as when there is a brief period of dry weather. This often brings the roots closer to your pipes, regardless of whether the pipelines have leaks.

Roots can enter sewage systems via minor cracks or holes; even as they develop, they may eventually obstruct the line, resulting in backups. In certain instances, tree roots in storm drains may even burst through sewer lines, necessitating repairs that are far more expensive than they would otherwise be.

the process of pipe inspection during tree root removal

Signs of Tree roots Inside the Sewer Pipe

Now, how can you tell whether there are tree roots in the sewage lines? Fortunately, it’s not complicated at all. Check for the following signs to determine whether or not tree roots have made their way into the sewer line:

The Toilet Frequently Gets Clogged

The frequency with which the toilet becomes clogged is also an indicator of tree roots in the pipes. Tree roots may cause a severe clog in a toilet drain if they go into the plumbing system and get lodged there. The trapped toilet tissue and other debris can’t flow freely.

Slow Draining Sinks and Showers

When tree roots penetrate your plumbing, they will develop and spread throughout the system. It is possible that you may not notice any impact at first; nevertheless, as they develop and spread, they can potentially cause damage or even a clog in pipes. The first symptom of a potential problem is when the sinks and showers take a long time to empty.

If you notice that water drains more slowly than usual, you should investigate whether or not tree roots are blocking any of your sewage pipes.

There’s a Rumbling Sound Coming from Your Drain

And now you are thinking, “Are you referring to the rumbling sound that can be heard from the bathtub drain after you shower?” Not at all; it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. When a drain is clogged, a disturbing rumbling sound is produced each time the toilet is flushed, or the sink is emptied. This indicates the water is struggling to go around an obstruction in the drain.

When you hear a sound like that coming from your drains, you should immediately take action because it’s a warning that tree roots are blocking your sewage system. If you wait, the problem might become worse.

Sinkholes Appearing in Your Garden

Your lawn could have weak places and sinkholes if the roots that invaded your pipes caused extensive damage. The rapid expansion of tree roots inside pipelines may cause the pipes to burst or fracture, which results in water leaking into the earth below.

After a prolonged water leak, sinkholes might appear in your yard due to the water pooling there. Because of the severity of the problem, you should have a trained expert inspect your sewage line in this scenario. Root obstruction in sewer systems is a common problem.

A disgusting Odor Coming from the Drainage System

A disgusting odor from your drain may indicate tree roots have made their way into your sewage pipe. When tree roots get into the sewage system, they might stop it from draining properly, which results in a foul odor.

The stench will become more offensive if the garbage continues to build up in the area where the tree roots are blocked.

An Unexpected Drop in Water Pressure

Another symptom of clogged pipes is an unexpected drop in the water pressure in your house. Tree roots may obstruct your drains if you notice that the faucets don’t produce enough water for your needs. In this scenario, you need to consult an expert to determine the root of the problem.

Almco Plumbing team replacing root from the sewage pipe

3 Ways to Remove Tree Roots from sewer line

When you first see the telltale symptoms of tree roots in your sewage line pipe, you may wonder what to do to prevent these annoying roots from causing mayhem in your sewer lines. The following are some options that are open to you:

Chemicals for killing roots in the sewer line

First, flush your toilet with rock salt, sodium chloride, and copper sulfate. After that, proceed in the following manner:

After adding a significant quantity of salt or chemicals to your toilet, flush the bowl. It is recommended that you carry out the procedure multiple times. You may also dispose of salt and other chemicals down the drain.

After that, you should wait around 8 hours before using your toilet or drain line so that these constituents may work their magic. The salt combination is toxic to plants and functions as a powerful sponge, removing water from the soil around the roots and killing the plant. Keeping your pipes free of roots requires you to do this a few times every month, at the very least.

Using rock salt, on the other hand, has the potential to destroy not just the tree itself but also the vegetation in the surrounding area, so use extreme care if this is not the result you want.

Also, using a foamy root killer is still another option you have as a do-it-yourself project; this method is gentler on your pipelines and helps avoid further root development. Root killers often include a herbicide that, upon contact with tree roots, causes their instant death. These products also leave behind a residue that, in the future, will prevent new roots from invading your plumbing system. If you notice the issue in its early stages, you may try pouring the root killer straight into your toilet, provided you follow the manufacturer’s directions to the fullest. If you carry out these steps semi-regularly over a year, you should not have any more issues with tree roots clogging your sewage system.

Hydro-jetting for cleaning sewer pipes from roots

Removing the majority of serious tree root invasion in your sewage line may be accomplished by shooting water under high pressure through the pipe. However, there may be certain circumstances where you will require more strength equipment.

Sewer hydro jetting in San Diego, also known as power washing for pipelines, is advised for severe root invasion since it can blast up to 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure down any sewage line. However, it is best to leave this task in the hands of a specialist. They will begin by doing a camera inspection to discover exactly where the obstruction is situated and the number of roots taking up your line. Also note that not all blocks are made equal, resulting in the availability of various nozzle heads for each hydro-jetting equipment. One of these nozzle heads generates a powerful blast of water while it rotates, which cuts through the roots as the water continues pushing them away. In addition, this particular nozzle head is so practical that it can completely split a massive piece of wood.

Of course, no matter how well hydro jetting works, there are instances when you need more powerful tools to get through deep tree roots. When this problem arises, a helpful remedy is power snaking, consisting of a long flexible rope with a revolving blade attached to the end. In conjunction with hydro jetting, this method packs a powerful one-two punch. It may be cut up and washed away without causing any damage to your pipe, and your line will start running normally again.

Trenchless line repair

Utilizing trenchless solutions is essential to resolving issues with tree roots without resorting to cutting down the tree. Trenchless sewer line repair enables specialists to handle a problem without digging up your yard. This saves time and money. In addition to being able to do the task without the need to dig underground, the pipes in your home will be upgraded to a newer kind that is almost unaffected by the growth of tree roots and has a far longer lifespan.

To clean and clear away all of the blockages, specialists make use of specialized instruments. They may also employ methods like pipe relining to replace or repair your ageing pipe. Experts can do the work quickly, sometimes in just a few hours, or they may break it up into more manageable sections if that’s more suitable for your schedule. When everything is finished, you won’t even be able to see where the job was done. This method has been around for more than ten years and may save you significant money compared to an excavation.

Plastic pipes, which trenchless specialists offer, are far more durable than the more standard options of clay and iron. As a matter of fact, producers have concluded that your brand-new pipes should survive for at least a century. This form of plastic is resistant to the destruction that tree roots may cause, unlike many modern pipe materials.

Of course, it is better to see once, than read a hundred times. So, watch our video, where we show the case of removing tree roots from the storm drain combining hydro-jetting and trenchless line repair.

Cost of tree root removal in sewage pipes in San Diego

When it comes to plumbing concerns, the cost is the most crucial factor to take into account. You may be curious whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover it because this line system is located outside your house. But unfortunately, it is not covered by your insurance. However, if this problem goes beneath the slab of your home, certain insurance companies will cover it. The most important thing is to be familiar with your insurance policy coverage. Call your insurance agent and inquire about it since your policy could cover some of the costs associated with the flooding in your house caused by a root.

If you want a professional to remove the roots from your sewage line, you should be prepared to shell out at least a $100. This fee solely applies to the actual cutting work, and it varies depending on how severe your problems are. Pipe replacement, which is considered to be the more permanent remedy, may cost more than $2000. Once again, this is entirely dependent on the fissures and fractures.

Choose Almco Plumbing for cleaning roots from sewer lines in San Diego

Call us at Almco Plumbing if you are experiencing difficulties cleaning roots from sewer lines in San Diego or if you hear strange sounds from your toilet every time you flush it. We can help. You won’t have to worry about dealing with muddy water since we can clean it up completely for you. We have cutting equipment that may assist in removing any roots that may be found in your system if you have reason to believe that they are there. Similarly, if you have outdated pipes in desperate need of replacement, we have the personnel, equipment, and expertise necessary to carry out the task smoothly and efficiently. We understand that each family’s living situation is unique. As a result, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to analyze the issue and provide recommendations for how it might be resolved. Get in touch with us right by filling out a contact form.

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Published: 28.12.2022

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