How to choose the right kitchen faucet for top-mount sink

This article is video transcript. Here we want to explain to you why you should not install a tall kitchen faucet and what faucet type is better for the top-mount sink. This is something you can use as a life hack that will stop you from ruining your kitchen and will save you money. Read our article, watch video from Almco Plumbing and install kitchen faucet wisely with our expert advice.

Difference between top mount and under mount sink

Suppose you have a top mount sink, exactly the same as in my house. Top mount you have on top of the countertop undermount means that you have applied wood. You have installed a sink glued down and installed a countertop on the top. And this section is short.  When you install a faucet on the countertop, the countertop needs to be strong like a stone. In this case, you can install a tall faucet and a regular low one.

When is it better not to install a tall kitchen faucet?

But if you have a top mount sink, never install a kitchen faucet with a pull down sprayer, because when you have a top mount sink, you constantly use the sprayer up and down. And what happens when you use the sprayer? When you move the sprayer, did you see how the sink moves? And over here all seals disconnected and water started leaking, you damage your kitchen completely.

Never ever install tall like this pull down no matter different design, brand, anything. Never install a faucet like this on your top mount kitchen sink.

Vlad from Almco plumbing installing a tall faucet

Trying to install faucet DIY? Need an advice on choosing the best faucet brand? Read our article: New video from Almco Plumbing: battle video of Kohler and Moen faucets.  We’ve tested Kohler and Moen faucets installation, sprayers, cartridges and performed a 1000 psi hydro-jetting test. The winner will surprise you!

Benefits of regular faucets for a top mount kitchen sink

Just install a short faucet like this with a sprayer, because the arm between the sink and this side is way lower. When you pull, it’s harder to break the sink on high level. You pull it and do everything, but you put really low pressure over here.

It’s really hard moving over here on the bottom because the longer arms you have, the easier it is to move anything. When you have a really long arm, you have lifted something heavy easily. Right now we install the faucet that I installed on my sink and top mount the sink, and what do we have? 

When you move in and out in this channel nothing really moves like on the previous one. And when you open and close water, it’s moved a little bit. But just over here, completely different from with a tall top mount sink.

Almco plumbing regular faucet installation

Watch our video on how to choose the right kitchen faucet

In this video Vlad from Almco Plumbing explains on how to choose the right kitchen faucet. From this video you will learn several useful tips that will help you avoid popular mistakes while faucet installation.

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Published: 24.11.2022

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