New video from Almco Plumbing: battle video of Kohler and Moen faucets

Hey guys! We’ve created a special battle video of Kohler and Moen faucets. Right now, you can see which kitchen faucet is better, what we don’t like about Kohler and Moen, how sprayers work, which faucet is easier to install and more. In this video we’ll give points for installing, supply lines, sprayer quality etc. Moreover, we’ll test both faucets to 1000 PSI pressure! Do you want to know which faucet, Moen or Kohler, win? Watch this video till the end. Subscribe to the channel and write comments and we will do more battles. See you soon! 📞 Call us (858) 209-7214

In video:

  • 🔹 Introduction
  • 🔹 Selection of faucets at The Home Depot
  • 🔹 Information about Moen
  • 🔹 Moen’s installation
  • 🔹 Information about Kohler
  • 🔹 Kohler’s installation
  • 🔹 Sprayer connection test
  • 🔹 Weight test
  • 🔹 Supply lines test
  • 🔹 Test with the hydrojet 1000 psi pressure
  • 🔹 Moen is under pressure (1000 psi)
  • 🔹 Moen’s cartridge
  • 🔹 Kohler is under pressure (1000 psi)
  • 🔹 Kohler’s cartridge
  • 🔹 About 1000 PSI pressure test
  • 🔹 What we don’t like about both faucets
  • 🔹 Which faucet became a winner

Video transcript

Three years later I’m back. Start reviewing Kitchen faucets and I hope other plumbing things. And right now we’re going to Home Depot and pick up the two most common kitchen faucets and review them. Let’s go.

Choosing the faucet in Home Depot

And normally when you came to the Home Depot to pick up a faucet and you look like “OK, and what do I have to get?” like you see different prices between $200 to $400. Even something for $69. But we don’t look at any of them. We don’t look at anything below $100. We’re looking at something close to $200 and choose 2 brands, Moen and Kohler.

Which one is better? The first one is going to be Moen for $209 and the second one is a Kohler Avi for $199. Two faucets. What we’re going to be doing, is installing and then testing them and seeing which faucet will be better.

Testing Kohler and Moen installation process

Moen faucet installation is 7 out of 10

Right now, we’re going to test two faucets. It is Kohler and Moen. And to be honest with you I changed my mind about what I think about these two brands you’re interested in. What I’ve thought before and why it changed my mind – look all the way to the end.

And start with Moen, it’s a more common brand. Everyone knows, everyone likes. It’s a lot everywhere. I installed a lot of them, most of them. Probably what I do installation, it’s a Moen.

Right now we’re going to install the Moen faucet. And a tool that we need is just a screwdriver. And I’m using a timer to see how long it takes.

Done. Two minutes, thirty seconds for installation.

Moen has just 7 points of the 10. Why?

Because this is a knot and this is a range. When you install it under the sink, it’s really hard to tighten. You have a little hole for a screwdriver to make an even quarter turn. You don’t have room. And you have to use the basin range because there are many of the rooms where this range is useless. If they’re going to be longer, it’s probably good. But right now it’s useless. And when I install it, I can easily move on the top. And if you are the homeowner and do the installation by yourself, and then have base and range – you have to work in really long. Or 90% it’s gonna be loose over like three or four months.

Kohler faucet installation is 10 out of 10

Kohler faucet is pretty similar to the Moen. It looks the same but it is many differences. What we have here. It’s already installed sprayer, and the head is already connected. Let’s start see to how long it takes.

To install a Kohler faucet, it’s taking me just one minute and thirty-seven seconds. It’s one minute less.

For the Kohler, you have this knot. When you screw in you need a screwdriver. And it is tight very much, wherever you can, and it’s never a problem. Like if you have an old house and old plywood, and it’s leaking before, and they’re a little bit wet – if you do install Moen they’re going to be 100% lose, no matter what you do. If you do installation Kohler with this ring and two screws, you try that hard when you are not able to move this faucet. Kohler is 10 points. The next step, it’s a test sprayer connection.

Testing sprayer connection

We test the Moen sprayer connection right now, you see it close. And when we put weight and let it go – they never connected together. They still have a gap. They never go all the way and you have to push by your hand to tie in.

With the Kohler when they go back, they go by themselves with the weight all the way to the end. And you don’t have to do anything when you just leave it. They just click back and you’re good. There’s no problem. For the sprayer connection, I will do 10 and 10.

Weight testing

That is a little thing we won’t forget about because here (Moen) you have a weight where you have to connect it, and here (Kohler) you don’t have anything, any mark where you have to connect weight. And you can do the wrong installation weight, and then they’re not going to be working as well too. Because of this, I gave the same 10 points for both.

Supply line test

They are all flexible. They mark hot and cold. And Moen it doesn’t mark hot and cold. And here you have a question, where is hot or where is cold? It’s Moen and it has 9-points. Kohler has a 10-point.

Testing faucets with hydro-jet

And right now we’re going to test it with a hydro-jet, with a 4-cylinder diesel engine. And the compressor was made at 4000 psi water pressure when I do cut roots in a sewer pipe. But right now we’re going to be using 1000 psi. It is what they do the most with water flow over here and see what’s happened to the faucet.

It’s not normally usage, it is just for the test and to see what’s happening. And turn on the engine.

1000 psi Moen under pressure

We see a lot of water coming from here and see a lot of water coming through the top inside.

Wow, it’s super impressive. It’s what I see with this faucet. If something happens, first where is going to start leaking, it’s not where the handle or faucet is. It starts leaking directly inside the kitchen cabinet. It’s not designed for this pressure. It is just a crush test for the faucet. It’s not normal usage.

OK and the cartridge. When we put 1000 psi on the Moen, I am able to on and off. When I am off, it’s off almost completely. The water is just a little bit dripping here, but it still working normally right now. I don’t feel any noise or cracks inside.

1000 psi Kohler under pressure

And right now we’re going to test this. It’s not normal, it’s 1000 psi. You’ll never have that in your house, and we’ll leave the cartridges on and turn it on. See what’s happened.

What I see is water going through the supply line, going to the faucet, going through the cartridge and going back to the sprayer and failed just where the sprayer is. But it doesn’t fail where the cartridge and it doesn’t fail where is inside the facility.

Cartridge test

For Kohler. The cartridge is good as well. It is not a problem because water pressure going all the way through the cartridge, going to the faucet, and then fail later after that. But all pressure go through the cartridge and it’s even not leaking.

Moen cartridge was leaking over here. You will see the leak from the bottom. It’s leaking. And for a cartridge, I give Moen 9 points and for Kohler, I give 10 points.

Impressions after the pressure test

For pressure. When we put 1000 psi pressure, of course they don’t have to be that high… But when we have 1000 psi pressure, Moen will give just 5 points because it’s leaking on the bottom. It’s some part fail inside, leaking from the cartridge, leaking from the bottom, leaking everything. This connection is way better than the Kohler. This one is straight good and not failed, but the cartridge inside, the faucet is break and leaking.

What about Kohler? All pressure goes through and this is the low-quality point, where they disconnected and failed. But this can fail in your real life just when you put something really heavy and break it. It’s been easy to break these clips, but under 1000 psi pressure. It’s never going to be that pressure at your house. And for that reason, I give Moen 5 points and Kohler 7 points.

Faucet shortcomings

What I don’t like, it’s more important. What I don’t like in the faucets. What I don’t like in the Moen, first is this knot installation. It’s just so hard sometimes to tie in and it’s all to be a professional plumber and have all tools. It’s hard and someone has to hold on top because when you tie the knot, they turn the faucet and you have to go back to install, correct and tie in good. It’s taken a while. It’s simple on the scene, but it takes a while in your real life. And the second what I don’t like is when you use the sprayer, it makes a round, it donates like flat. And it doesn’t really good to spray the dishes. I don’t like this. And then when you put a sprayer by itself, it never goes all the way to the end. It never goes all the way to the end. I don’t like these three things in the Moen faucets.

I think for Kohler. And I’m surprised, I thought, Kohler was always paged for the name, and the quality is the same. It’s what I think always, but after the test today I see how higher quality compare to the Moen, and it costs less, it costs less exactly $10 than Moen. But I see way more quality on the Kohler faucet and I don’t have anything. I don’t have anything that I don’t like.

What I don’t like is just one thing. What I don’t like, and probably it’s a little bit hard for the owner. When you install the click and when you have installed weight, you don’t know, you don’t have the mark, where is a better place to install the weight.

It’s what I don’t like and I give Moen a minus 5-point.

Conclusion: which faucet brand is better

And in total what we have. Moen has 49 points minus 5. It’s a 44. It’s 44 points for the Moen. For Kohler, we have 57 points minus one. It’s a 56. It’s more than 10 points different. We’ve paid $10 more for Moen and we have 10 points more for the Kohler. I’m proud. I’ve never known, that Kohler has way better quality. I think we always pay just for the brand, not for the quality, because they all quality exactly the same. But when I tested and look at these two faucets, my priority right now is going to be Kohler.

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Published: 19.07.2022

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