5 signs you need a drain cleaning services in San Diego, CA.

sewer line cleaningEach homeowner experience clogged drains at some point, which as a result makes professional drain cleaning an essential service in San Diego, CA. That is why it is crucial for homeowners to schedule a regular drain cleaning service. And this can be possible if you are familiar with signs of clogged drains. You may avoid expensive repairs caused by clogged drains if you pay attention to signals that warn you to make a drain cleaning in your San Diego home.

It’s best to avoid DIY solutions like draino, as these cleansers can damage the pipes they’re supposed to fix. Call a plumber immediately if you notice anything off with your drains. For decades, Almco plumbing services have been removing clogs from drains. Our drain cleaning service is a top-notch service. Give us a call, (858) 209-7214.

What causes drain clogs?

Clogged drains and pipes may appear to be a minor task at first, but they can quickly evolve into severe issues if not addressed. A clogged drain can result in floods, slow water drainage, corrosive corrosion, and, in extreme cases, sewage backup and expensive repairs. But all this can be avoided by identifying the causes. Clogged drains can occur for various reasons, but some of the most common causes of a clogged drain are here.

The buildup of toilet papers

Clogged drains can occur if you use too much toilet paper in your bathroom. Use a plunger to move and dissolve some toilet paper if water is still flowing through when you flush the toilet. However, if your toilet fills up and does not drain, you must call a plumber.


Some homeowners are using a drain to remove debris. However, excess dirt from yourself and your clothes, might accumulate and cause problems in your drains. Before washing your clothes and body, remove any extra mud by shaking or rinsing them outside the drain.


Because of its ability to bind with oil and other sticky things, hair is one of the most common causes of drain blockages.

Small Objects

Small objects can cause problems if they get into your plumbing system. In your bathroom, only water and human waste should be flushed away. The trash, recycling bins, or compost should dispose of any other object. Suppose any foreign substance has found its way into your plumbing system and is causing problems; you will almost certainly require expert assistance to remove it and restore your plumbing system to normal operation.


You may be baffled as to how soap might clog your pipes. On the other hand, conventional soap bars are fat or grease. Soap scum forms when fat in soap reacts with water’s minerals, resulting in a hard deposit that discolors bathroom fixtures and clogs pipes.

Food waste

When it comes to food waste, never flush it down the toilet, even if you have a garbage disposal in your sink. It is better to arrange a composting pile to dispose of food waste instead of throwing it away. To a greater extent, this applies to non-biodegradable trash such as tea and coffee grounds. A clog can be caused by other things such as grease or oil that harden in the pipes. Use paper towels to soak up oil instead, then dispose of it in the garbage.

Buildup of  minerals

Drains can quickly become clogged when minerals dissolve in hard water, solidify, and form intractable masses. If you live somewhere where hard water is an issue, you may want to consider putting a water softener in your home. If this isn’t a possibility, you’ll have to descale and clean the system regularly. Once a mineral buildup blockage has formed, it can be difficult to dislodge. So if your drains and pipes no longer seem to be flowing, call a professional drain cleaning service.

Tree roots

Tree roots are attracted to even the tiniest holes or leaks in your underground pipes. Roots of trees can quickly grow in your pipes, impeding water flow and causing damage to your pipes. And they can result in rooter service, pressure jet cleaning, trenchless repair, or even excavation may be necessary to remove tree roots from pipes. Examine the roots of your trees and plants to avoid a costly and time-consuming repair.

Drains can get clogged for various reasons and the best way of preventing this is to keep them clear. Avoid putting anything down the drain that you shouldn’t, and don’t try to remove clogged drains with extra chemicals or things. Call Almco Plumbing if your clogged drains become an emergency and require the services of an experienced plumber.

Signs that pipes require drain cleaning

Most San Diego homeowners do not realize how essential drains cleaning is until they experience damaged clogged pipes beyond repair. Even if your drains are working correctly, you should maintain them regularly to avoid potential pipe damage. Here are signs that pipes require drain cleaning.

Slow drain

A slow drain in your sinks indicates a clog in your pipe due to the buildup of various particles. Your kitchen, bathroom, and washing machine drains must all be checked for water drainage speed. If the trend of slow draining is the same in all of these pipes locations, you should immediately seek professional drain cleaning service  in San Diego, CA.

Unpleasant smell

When a foul odor begins to permeate your home, check the pipes. This scent is caused by the accumulation of waste in the pipes. You should call a plumber as soon as you notice a foul gas smell from the drains.

Gurgling noises from the pipes

As soon as a drain is clogged, its neighbors are affected. A buildup in the drain forces water to take a different path and pass through smaller gaps. This results in gurgling noises coming from the piping. The pipes need drain cleaning whenever you hear an unusual noise after flushing a toilet or draining a sink.

Water Accumulation

Is there anything worse than having to wait for the water to drain? It’s like the water isn’t going anywhere! Suppose you discover that the water in your sink, shower, or washing machine is not draining correctly. In that case, you need a plumber in San Diego, CA, to address the problem of water accumulation, which can pose a health hazard to your family.

Presence of numerous clogs

Pipe cleaning in San Diego becomes necessary when more than one of your toilets becomes blocked simultaneously. When a clog in your sewage drain occurs, many clogs occur. If you find a lot of clogs in your toilet, it is likely because they are directly connected to the sewer. Your toilet won’t flush appropriately if your sewer drain is blocked, so you’ll need to fix it. Look for symptoms of multiple toilet clogs to see if your pipes are working correctly.

What happens if you ignore these signs?

If you ignore the above signs for pipe drain cleaning, you risk more damage to the plumbing system. Over time, the blockage may get worse and harder to remove. Because of this, the drain pipe’s ability to remove water diminishes with time. And this can lead to flooding and nasty stagnant water are possible.

When you finally decide to get a repair, the cost may be substantially more than if you had contacted a professional drain cleaning services sooner. As opposed to paying for a costly repair later, it’s wiser to invest in an inexpensive drain fix today.

In your San Diego, CA, home, do you have a clogged drainpipe? To prevent further damage, you should get your drains checked out by a professional. Make an appointment with Almco Plumbing service today to have your drains maintained.

Call a drain cleaning service in San Diego for assistance

In San Diego, Almco Plumbing is the most popular drain cleaning service. Whether you have a blockage or need a new drain line, our plumbers are here to help. Using our drain snaking or hydro-jetting services, you can get your pipes back to normal in no time.

Our plumbers are well-versed in using cutting-edge drain cleaning technology, and they can identify and remove clogs rapidly. This is why we’re the go-to drain cleaning company in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas: our services are of the highest quality. Contact us on (858) 209-7214


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Published: 22.12.2021

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